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HARRY THOMAS DANVERS did not begin his artistic career until he arrived in Guatemala in the early 70s.  There he began to study drawing in the Escuela Nacionalde Artes Plasticas in Guatemala City.  His teacher was Juan Antonio Franco, who in addition to have studied in Europe also worked on a lot of murals of Diego Rivera in Mexico.

He had his first exhibition in Antigua, Guatemala in 1980 and has since continued to have exhibitions there in different galleries as well as Guatemala City. In the year 2000 he won the Arturo Martinez national art contest in landscape.     

“The idea with the miniature paintings is to make something small seem large, always using the local environment as a backdrop with native people predominating to add to the movement.  It should be alive and yet mysteriously so-due to the rare and ancient setting.  There are two sets of paintings and they mark two periods of my artistic career. The larger paintings date from the year 1985 while the smaller ones are from the present year 2004.”

Harry speaks five languages, including Maya’ K’iche and is the founder and director of the English Club/International Language School.   He is also a professor of English and Anthropology at the University of San Carlos in Quetzaltenago.  He is the author of 11 novels, and 6 bilingual books.
ERIK W. LANG served in Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the late 1980s.  His host agency was the Central American Institute for Appropriate technology, a United Nations sponsored agency.  He taught small farmers how to build cooking stoves, latrines, composting toilets, ferro-cement storage tanks and solar ovens.  While there, he took up photography. His work has been displayed in Guatemala, Colorado, and Connecticut.

“These photos attempt to capture the beauty of the countryside and the people of Guatemala.  It’s not hard to take good pictures in Guatemala.  The landscapes are compelling and the people are beautiful. ”

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